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As an experienced occupational therapist, natural practitioner and artist, offering therapeutic art sessions at my studio in Suffolk. If you have lost confidence and are feeling anxious and depressed or have difficulties either physically or emotionally art can be a powerful creative activity that helps to restore self esteem .

Absorption into the creative process through use of therapeutic art helps reduce symptoms of pain . Focus is on the individuals journey and helps with processes such as confidence building  and decision making, which has a massive impact on people’s everyday life . It is suitable for all ages and is also a therapeutic way of being involved with others to reduce loneliness.

Therapeutic art is a form of psychotherapy in which art-making and artwork is a way of expressing and communicating feelings.

For many people there are not always the right words to express feelings and art can be used to communicate deeper emotions and gain understanding of oneself, this can be very beneficial for teenagers.

Previous experience in art is not necessary, anyone can create art work that is as unique as themselves. It is my role as an art therapist to help guide you, teaching you new skills, using often unfamilar materials and tools, this can be a life changing process for many.