I'm a Suffolk artist with a passion for creating beautiful artworks.

My vibrant, colourful paintings have been exhibited in galleries across Suffolk and beyond.

Living in Suffolk my subjects are often related to the beautiful local landscapes that surround me, particularly water-based areas such as reeds and rivers. Although each picture evolves during the painting process perhaps leaving only a figment of the original image. The vast Suffolk skies are often a main feature in my pictures as these are an important feature in this local landscape. Some examples of my work include: Iken Church, Bawdsey and the River Deben, at Woodbridge. Much of my work is carried out with a palette knife using a technique called “impasto” to provide a three-dimensional appearance. Texture, is important and a layering technique is achieved by using a palette knife to formulate different strokes and layering the oil paints thickly over several weeks, providing depth and contrast in tones. Using a knife allows me to move freely across the canvas this tends to provide a feeling of escapism. Maggi Hambling, is a local artist who has inspired me with her powerful wave paintings full of energy and texture. I am an artist natural therapist and occupational therapist . These sessions use art in a supportive way. Suitable for all ages. Most important to use creativity in a fun emotive way to develop your artistic skills . You can work individually or in small groups in a supportive nurturing environment. Such activities also help relive pain and depression.
It can help to reduce anxiety. Increase self confidence and motivation provide purpose to your day as well as develop your talent . I have experimented with a variety of media although at present I am enjoying the freedom and thickness of oil paints. Usually, I tend to use a limited range of colours prefering to mix my own and adjusting this on the canvas as my work evolves. Most images are created from memories and photographs of places I have known since childhood and where I take my children now still rugged and unspoilt. Some places are realistic and others are more mysterious allowing people the freedom to create their own 'special place' . Although, mostly self-taught I have studied with local tutors to develop my knowledge of theory and practicalities. More recently, I have a leaning towards more contemporary artists which I hope can be acknowledged in my work. I am an artist member of the Ipswich Art Society.

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